Emmet County Iowa Zoning

Emmet County Zoning

Barb Bohm: Emmet County Assessor

Emmet County Courthouse
609 1st Avenue North
Suite #2
Estherville, IA 51334
ph: 712-362-2609

Emmet County Assessor:
Barb Bohm


  • Emmet County Zoning Ordinance (01/29/13): DOWNLOAD
  • Emmet County Zoning map (03/26/15): DOWNLOAD
  • Emmet County Subdivision Regulations - Final (01/29/13): DOWNLOAD

Building Construction Compliance Permits
DOWNLOAD Building Construction Compliance Permit to Build.
  • Building Construction Compliance Permits are required for all NON-Ag buildings and also required for all houses and additions.
  • Building Construction Compliance Permits are required for all Ag - related construction.
  • Home based business and other businesses are required to obtain Conforming Use Permits.
  • Junk and Salvage Yards are prohibited unless Conforming Use Permits have been obtained.
  • Penalties are $500.00 for 1st offense and $750.00 for 2nd offense.
Compliance Permits can be obtained at:
Emmet County Assessor's Office
609 1st Ave N
Estherville, IA 51334
Or you can DOWNLOAD a printable version.

  • Conditional Use Permit application: DOWNLOAD
  • Petition to Change Zoning District: DOWNLOAD
  • Variance Application: DOWNLOAD
  • Emmet County Wind Energy Device Ordinance: DOWNLOAD
  • Zoning Compliance Permit to Build Application: DOWNLOAD
  • Zoning Compliance Fee Schedule: DOWNLOAD