Emmet County Auditor's Office

  • Emmet County Auditor's Office

    Emmet County Courthouse
    609 1st Avenue North
    Suite #6
    Estherville, IA 51334

    Phone: 712-362-4261
    Fax: 712-362-7454


  • Emmet County Auditor Photo
    Emmet County Auditor, Amy Sathoff


  • Assistant Auditor:
    Lisa Rosburg


  • Assistant Auditor:
    Roxanne Budach


  • Assistant Auditor:
    Heidi Goebel


  • Voting and Elections Information

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  • Special message to military veterans and their families

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  • An informational election video for Iowans with disabilities
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A citizen may register to vote at the Auditor's office. For a registration form you may visit: the Iowa Voter Registration website
A registered voter may vote an absentee ballot at the Auditor's office, or may request that one be mailed to you by filling out an Official Absentee Ballot Request form.
You can get this official form by contacting the Auditor's Office or by clicking here.
For campaign committees and candidates who file personal financial disclosure statements, please click on Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board to fill out and submit reports from your computer.
To run for an elected office you may get your affidavits of candidacy and nomination papers by either stopping at the Auditor's office or by visiting the Iowa Secretary of State's website.

Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board Downloads / Links

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    County Candidate Committee Guide
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    County Central Committee
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    County PAC School Board or Other Political Subdivision Candidate Committee Guide

The County Auditor has a variety of functions and duties. The main functions are:

  • Preparing and certifying tax levies
  • Maintaining financial records
  • Performs accounting and payroll functions for all county departments
  • Prepares the county budget
  • Prepares county's annual financial report
  • Audits budgets for all other local jurisdictions
  • Clerk to the Board of Supervisors
  • Schedules Board of Supervisors agenda
  • Provides public access to Board minutes, plat and transfer books
  • Schedules courthouse meeting rooms
  • Drainage minutes and assessments
  • Commissioner of Elections
  • Registers voters
  • Issues absentee ballots
  • Trains election workers and conducts elections
  • Keeping Real Estate Transfer Records
  • Processes instruments of property conveyance and owner
  • Name changes for tax statements

The Office of County Auditor Info

The Office of County Auditor was created in 1870 as part of a revamping of county government. The duties of the office covered areas that had previously been given to the County Judge in 1851, in the first Code of Iowa, and then to the Clerk of Court in 1861, with the formation of the Board of Supervisors. The State legislature added the duties of Commissioner of Elections in the early 1970s.
The County Auditor is an elected position, with a term of four years.
For more information about Iowa County Auditors visit the Iowa State Association of County Auditors website at: IowaAuditors.org. There you will find detailed information about elections, real estate, and much more.